It was one of the spring days that didn’t allow me to stay at home. After long rains and short, cloudy winter days this one was supposed to be full of light if not a sunny one. As usual I took the camera and sketch pad with me, looked on the map, took the bus 77A and… approximately in 20 minutes, here we are – Timon Park Dublin.

I took that day not more than ten photographs, walking slowly and enjoying the play of spring colours, shapes, water, and birds’ chorus.

This is one of the compositions that caught my attention on the back way to the bus stop – trees, home, road, contrasts…_DSC7033C

I made a quick sketch, just to notice the changes I wanted to make in the future painting and took a photograph for atmospheric and colour references…

While painting, I made some changes in the composition for more personalisation – some trees on the right, a contrast background for houses, inserted a silhouette of a walking man with his dog, perhaps coming home… and that’s it!_DSC7046

When I went home, the rain started again and it’s symphony at my window continued until late, after I finished the painting. A kind of well known revolutionary fight between spring and winter started again and again. This time I knew for sure who will win…_DSC7021

About Tofan Gheorghe

I was born in Moldova. Have my degree in human communication. Love reading, writing, watercolor. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland.
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