Sunset on my Way, Watercolor on Paper


About Tofan Gheorghe

I was born in Moldova. Have my degree in human communication. Love reading, writing, watercolor. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland.
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6 Responses to Sunset on my Way, Watercolor on Paper

  1. Mary says:

    Reminds me of a Masters’ painting from the 19th century. Wonderful work Tofan. Beautiful atmosphere created in this street scene.

    • I feel flattered, Mary! Thank you again for good words. I like your Oil Pastels and the short stories about your paintings. Interesting!

      • Mary says:

        Thank you so much Tofan – do appreciate the compliment.

      • You know, after your stories, I think to try the Oil Pastels… But the watercolor is somewhere in a special place. Perhaps the water is something I like for it’s apparent simplicity.

      • Mary says:

        Your comment about water and simplicity is very appealing with watercolors. I’m intrigued by the medium, haven’t tried it yet for a painting, perhaps one day. The contrasts that can be created are really beautiful. Really enjoy seeing your paintings and creativity.

  2. lowcheckkian says:

    Your painting is based upon creative concept.Love your work.Whole scene you described in your painting is beautiful.

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