My Watercolor Story

About Tofan Gheorghe

I was born in Moldova. Have my degree in human communication. Love reading, writing, watercolor. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland.
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4 Responses to My Watercolor Story

  1. Tom Donovan says:

    Bravo, Gheorghe! Your joy and pleasure is inspiring when you talk about your watercolor paintings! – Tom

  2. Very nice video Gheorghe. I love your work and your enthusiasm for your adopted country. I hope that your video will inspire a plein air competition in Dublin!

  3. Antje says:

    A wonderful video, Gheorghe! It’s so wonderful to hear you talk about the gifts watercolour painting give you! And it seems that you can give back a lot to Dublin, too.

  4. jmnowak says:

    Your vivacity and warmth certainly show in your Art, Gheorghe. Along with the other commenters, I too hope you have a most successful exhibition in Dublin. Seeing this video makes me think it will happen! janina 🙂

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