Watercolor Paintings from Ireland

These are   two of the last my watercolor paintings I’d like to share with you. It was a great pleasure to finish them as the places are very special for me – First one represent the White’s Castle in Athy co Kildare, built in 1417. Always is full of different colors, gathered from the day light, from River Barrow reflections… Being close to it, one can feel the breath of real history…  On the second painting I wanted to express (again!) Dublin Street Atmosphere – and this time I invite you on st. Andrew’s street, close to Grafton Street in City Center, where the Old Stone Church, with original  pubs and shops around is always a special attraction for tourists and visitors…





About Tofan Gheorghe

I was born in Moldova. Have my degree in human communication. Love reading, writing, watercolor. I live and work in Dublin, Ireland.
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